– Check if you entered your activation details correctly. – Check your network connection, reboot your router and device, and then try again. – If you have PC/Laptop, etc. connected to same internet network check if you are not overloading your network with downloading or watching movies, etc… on these devices. – Your Internet needs to be minimum b Mbit Download and 1 Mbit upload speed. – Reboot your devices and wait for 30 sec before turning them back on (STBs, Android Boxes, Routers, Cable modems) – Make sure you are connecting using a LAN (Ethernet) cable to devices and not via Wifi. – If your network connection is no problem, please check whether your account is used on other devices. – Please visit www.whatismyip.com by using a computer, and send us IP Address you see displayed for restoration. – Check if the device/app/program got the latest software and firmware updates. – Check the download speed on the actual device that is streaming our service, you may have 50mbs on your computer, but the device could be considerably slower, indicating a problem on your internal network. – Check for any high processor demanding applications running in the background that can be stopped, this is very important for low-end devices. – Check if your ISP having problems in your area, an excellent site to check this is downdetector.co.uk – Try uninstalling and reinstalling your app/program, your activation will not be lost.

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